Friday, March 07, 2003

It's Getting Closer

Yesterday, I posted on a British report that March 17th has been chosen as the date for the invasion of Iraq to begin.

Today, CNN is reporting that British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is now circulating a revised draft of an American proposal for a final UN resolution, which gives Saddam Hussein until March 17th to disarm. Apparently, someone got a copy of the draft and leaked a garbled version, or the British military is operating on the assumption that this is the final run-up to war.

Read the whole article, as it lists some good points from Hans Blix's report to the UN Security Council which indicate that increased external pressure (read: American troops sitting on their doorstep itching for a fight) seems to have improved Iraqi cooperation, but inspectors still face "difficulties."

It seems we now have a launch date.

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