Thursday, March 06, 2003

Instant Update, Redux

Once again, a misplaced (Oh, OK...forgotten. Are you happy?) quotation mark has FUBAR'ed a post down below. I was able to rescue the INSTANT UPDATE part that screwed it all up and here it is:

Tooling around the 'Net, I found this story in the Tennessean which puts a completely different spin on the same story. In the Tennessean's version, we get detailed numbers about teacher pay, and confirmation that Bredesen will release teacher raise figures next week. Donelson is mentioned only briefly at the end of the story.

So now we have the question of why the CA's writer, Richard Locker, the last of the fearsome trio of Locker, Paula Wade and Susan Adler Thorp to remain with the paper, wrote such a strangely slanted story. His version barely reconciles with the other. Is it Locker, then, who is carrying water for someone? Maybe Memphis/Shelby County teachers?

This keeps getting stranger and stranger.

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