Saturday, March 08, 2003

What Googling and Random Surfing Will Turn Up

While doing some Google research, I started following some random links. It led to a pair of discoveries.

First, was this bit of strangeness seeming to come from the mists of conspiracyland. Jail4Judges apparently want to return connectedness to the community and accountability to our judges. They have legislation.

Second, remember the big credit card scandal from last Fall, where it turned out a whole lot of county employees were abusing their credit cards privileges? You can refresh yourself here and here.

In yesterday's Googling (searching for the most recent State CAFR, in fact), I found a State Comptroller's report of the Community Services Agency, from December 2001, that uncovered mismanagement and poor controls. I don't even recall seeing this story, do you?

Going to the index page turns up hours and hours of reading fun. More on this later!

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