Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Bloody Hell

Seems that Spice Girl Geri Halliwell will be one of the judges on the American television show All American Girl. Some have wondered at a Brit judging "all American-ness." Halliwell replies:
"I'm an all-American girl with a British accent. I have an all-American attitude...that it doesn't matter what class you come from or how smart you are, anything is possible.... She has finished the writing for her third solo album, which is scheduled for summer release. "Because I'm Spanish, I think it will have very much those roots."
Bloody hell. Worry about class in not American, though it is distinctly a British concern. And when she talks Spanish, she doesn't mean Hispanic or Latino, but Spain itself.

This is the kind of utter devaluation of meaning that really galls me. Liberals and Democrats have long argued that such things are only labels and that anyone can "be" whatever they want, although there's this elusive quality of "realness" that sometimes intrudes. Marketers have seized on this to sell anything to anyone. Never mind earning such things -- Remember kids: hazing is wrong! -- by prolonged effort; just slap the label on and it'll sell to the masses!

Poncy wankers should be kicked to the kerb.

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