Thursday, March 13, 2003

Homestar Runner

Yesterday, I site-pimped for the comic strip Day by Day, by Chris Muir.

Today I want to promote another cartoon, the online Flash-animated Homestar Runner. Done almost exclusively by the brothers Chapman, it's several dozen cartoons about the adventures of Homestar Runner and his friends.

I really can't describe this better than the cartoons themselves will. Go to the site and look around. The beauty of HR is that it's completely kid-safe and kid-lovable while being a real hoot for adults as well.

The breakout star of HR is Homestar's nemesis, bad guy Strong Bad. He has his own section where he answers emails from his fans (Flash-animated also). I had been seeing people at sites like Fark and Wil WheatonDotNet making laughing references to a "Strong Bad Email." I thought it was some kind of spam filter, until I checked it out. I watched all five dozen or so Strong Bad Emails, and now I'm hooked.

Go, read, laugh, fall in love.

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