Thursday, March 13, 2003

Mike's Place

I like the sound of that. Reminds you of a corner neighborhood bar, doesn't it? The kind of run-down but friendly place where the door is always open, a couple of regulars can always be found, and friendly debate happens all the time, usually loud and opinionated. A couple of close booths, for those long rambling life discussions with friends that you don't realise until years later changed your life; or stools at the bar where you can size yourself against the others and be pleasantly surprised at the results.

You might have wandered in by mistake, but you instantly feel like you've found a new home. You can't wait to bring your friends down.

So, yeah, welcome. What'll ya have? We've got really good single-malt Scotches, cheap. Or beer; American, none of that sissy microbrew crap. Ask nice and I'll make ya my daquiri, if it's not busy.

What's yer name? Nice ta meetcha.

[This is an in-joke for the RTB gang. Read the others and you'll understand.]

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