Thursday, March 13, 2003

A Short One Today

Sorry for the brevity and lightness of today's posts, but I had a nasty one at work today and I'm really tired. I'm going to bed early to get some rest before Friday. If you haven't checked out all the fine folks in the Rocky Top Brigade and Axis of Weevil lists to the left, well, get on it! Plenty of fine reading for every kind of taste there is.

Maybe this weekend, I post my Berserker rant about the idiots who bought, designed, set up and "run" our computer system at work. It's mission critical, as they say, and hasn't worked properly since they installed it. They can't fix it either, so we blow lots of payroll babysitting it, wasting time calling the "UnHelp Desk," and lose tens of thousands in sales while it doesn't work.

I'm convinced that someone in the company got a huge kickback from the vendor to get a contract signed. It's the only possible explanation.

See ya tomorrow!

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