Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Blog Tour

Several blog posts of note. First, Chris of Signifying Nothing has a really interesting post on the difference between hard and fuzzy in political science. Chris and his blogpartner Brock have been on a tear of late. Lots of good reading.

Also, at Idle Words, you can find a story of a run-in between a blogger and the Quebec language police. Really! Also, scroll up for another post with reader comments.

Finally, the Reverend Don Sensing, who is Locked and Loaded For The Lord if I may jest, has a thoughtful post on boyhood as a disorder. He comes down on the side of folks who think, as I agree, that schools today have turned normal boy behavior into a disorder requiring medication and treatment. But while he does also agree that ADHD is a valid diagnosis, arguing from his own experiences, he doesn't provide any numbers. I have to believe that valid diagnoses run maybe around ten percent? The rest are as Rev. Sensing describes. Good stuff, as always at One Hand Clapping.

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