Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The Joys And Delights Of The Internet

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has a blog, of sorts, by reporter Blake Fontenay. As you or I understand these things, it's not a blog at all. In reality, it's an overflow catchment for bits that Blake writes up that can't be fit into the daily newspaper somewhere. Rather than lose them, they are tossed into the "blog."

The blog has a comments function, though Blake doesn't appear to ever respond to, much less acknowledge, anything posted. That's where the fun began for me one night. I had written a comment to a story about possibly renaming the Pyramid. Another commenter thought I had dissed the King -- Elvis Presley -- and was rather snide in his own remarks.

Well, I had the guy's name from the comments and email, so I made a "com" of it and discovered that the guy once had a blog named.... Are you ready?

Suspicious Minds! Sadly, the blog is apparently dead now.

Whee! I love the Internet. Rather than do the time- and Internet-honored thing of just firing blindly back at the guy with my .45 caliber Snarkmaster Whupass 2500, I did some research instead and found that I'd hit some poor slob's personal hissy-button. So, I let it go.

But I enjoyed the whole thing nonetheless. Such are the pleasures of my life these days.

An ending note: the CA has a readership of somewhere between 175,000 and 225,000. Yet lil' ol' Blake's blog gets no more than three comments on any post. That is so very, very sad.

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