Sunday, September 21, 2003

New Blog

A buddy of mine has opened a new blog, Conservative Zone. It's brutally honest stuff when he writes about the problems in his life, but there's fun too. He's conservative and a Second Amendment supporter. Already, he's got some meaty writing on Albright, conservatism and John Ashcroft.

I have to say, he's way more direct in talking about his problems with depression than I've been, though we suffer alike. I admire that. We're both debilitated by depression, but in different ways. Mine is a constant low-level thing; there are no peaks and valleys. I was doing pretty great for a decade or so, until about four years ago when I slipped down the well. I haven't been suicidal in nearly fifteen years. [Does it ever sound weird to talk about yourself like that.]

Life for me is an eternal grey plain; days are things to get through. I'll often talk myself out of going out and doing something just so I don't need to leave home. I allow a lot of things daily, and avoid a lot of things, by default. I can't be motivated to deal with them. That's a part of that "process of unbecoming" I've talked about before. It's been an eye-opening, life-changing (in a good way) experience for me to learn just how unimportant most things are that we take for granted as necessary to daily life.

Anyway, enough of the sad violins! I can't believe that blog name hadn't already been taken, but there you are. Welcome to the world o' blogging, Mark. Check it out, y'all.

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