Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Vengeance Is Sweet

So, the Ditsy, Dixie Chicks weathered the storm of controversy resulting from their lead singer's comments about President Bush earlier this year. Although country radio dropped them like a hot potato -- it's interesting to note that radio programmers really wanted to keep them, as they have a large feminine audience which is what drives country radio today, but listeners, male and female, wouldn't hear of it -- and open media sources were filled with scorn and rejection, the major media kept on plugging them. There were stories when their American concert tour got underway laughing about the lack of protesters and the full concert venues.

But vengeance came nonetheless. A story today, out of Nashville, concerns the DC's announcement that they are "leaving" country music to become "rock and rollers." No word in the story if this involves them changing their music, which is clearly country, for a rock feel, but they say that they feel rejected by their peers and only found support from rock artists.

Clearly, they got the message at long last. And, if it was ever in doubt, they've been exposed as the careerists they are. Now it will be fun to watch them be remade and relaunched. Given their age, weight, they have an uphill battle against the teen divas of the day. Their music, even if it is changed some, has no market unless they go soft and ballady. Very little adult-oriented rock exists on radio today from established artists with long careers, except certain superstars.

Yeah, fun days ahead.

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