Monday, September 22, 2003

Sounds Good To Me

Another relic of the Sundquist administration bites the dust. Tennessee's slogan, "Tennessee Sounds Good To Me" will be ditched.

This part worries me, though:
Whitaker's tiny department — 22 people at headquarters and 119 at the state's welcome centers — is trying to come up with new ways of promoting an industry that brings 38 million visitors to the state.

Tennessee's tourism business generated $10.4 billion last year, second only to health care services in revenue.

Replacing the "Sounds Good To Me" catchphrase adopted several years ago by the Sundquist administration will be the first order of business under a creative services contract now out for bids, Whitaker said. The department is separately seeking bids for a media buyer.

In addition, the department plans to create a news bureau, also under contract, to generate publicity for the tourism industry through general and niche media rather than TV commercials.
Sounds like new government expansion and more money on dubious projects. I can't wait to see what silliness comes out of this "news bureau's" offices.

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