Saturday, September 27, 2003

Too Many Questions Remain

My brother, the blogger of Aldridge Creek Greenway fame, sent me this bizzare story of Wanda Hudson:
Wanda Hudson missed Thanksgiving and Christmas 2001 because she was locked in a Dauphin Island Parkway storage unit, Hudson's attorney said Thursday.

In fact, Hudson was padlocked in the unit for 63 days, attorney Mallory Mantiply told a Mobile County Circuit Court civil jury....

She rented unit number 611, a 30 feet by 10 feet enclosure, paid a month's rent, then moved her furniture and other belongings inside.

A month later, on Nov. 7, 2001, Mantiply told jurors, Hudson paid another month's rent. And on that very night, while on a routine security check, the facility's manager found Hudson's storage unit unlocked and partially open.

He closed and locked it.

And that was apparently the last anyone saw of Hudson for more than two months.
It just gets weirder from there. There are all kinds of questions arising from the supposed circumstances. One customer, who had a nearby unit and visited it every other day, never heard her, nor noticed the smell? No one did security walks? She didn't hear them? I think there was something wrong with her in the first place, and she fell into a bad situation which she wasn't equipped to handle.

Thanks for the pointer, Mark.

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