Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Can't See The Threat For The Boobs

I was as guilty as anyone when it came to the Janet Jackson / Justin Timberlake hooha during the Super Bowl. I posted on this Sunday night. But I've since realised that a much larger story has been buried under all this media pile-on

Anyone remember the streaker who made it onto the field? He was tackled by one of the players and carted off by police pretty quickly, but the fact remains that this doof made it onto the field, got past a whole lot of folks including several layers of security, and was uncontrolled for almost a minute.

What if he'd pulled out a container of some kind of powdery substance and then sprayed it into the air? Can you imagine the panic and stampede? What if he'd had a bomb and taken out some of the coaches and players? One billion witnesses of a successful terrorist attack in the heart of America.

We are lucky that the terrorists don't think that way. Because look how easy it was, despite all the security, for one nut to do something stupid.

It would be nice to see more discussion of this fatal possibility, instead of the fixation on Janet's right tit.

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