Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Memphis Blogger's Bash

Just keeping things up to date here. I'm guessing from the lack of "no"s that there's some minimal interest in a meet-up next Wednesday? Use this post's comments for your thoughts.

Any ideas on a place? I got an email today from a "shameless" self-promoter who mentions Melange, in Cooper-Young. (Hey, don't feel bad. Shameless self-promotion is what the blogosphere's all about.) He's suggested we meet there, saying the atmosphere would be fine. I dunno, though. My Trendy Man of Cool aura is at the cleaner's right now; I might get stared at by the Really Cool People. On the other hand, our little group is so happenin' that folks are trying to get us to hang with them. Yay team!

I still lean to something along the Madison corridor; and Rachel's suggested the Sidestreet Grill.

What say you?

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