Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Best Political Ad Of The Year, So Far

I rag mercilessly on John Kerry because he is the kind of Democrat I fear getting into power. It doesn't mean I'm a big George Bush fan, though. I support how he's conducted our foreign policy since 9/11 and the changed response to terrorists, but domestically he's a mess. Neither conservative nor Republican, and not a leader of his party. When the time comes, I'll vote for the Libertarian candidate, who'll be chosen this summer at the convention, like it's supposed to happen. Not this year-long free publicity machine the Dems and Reps have.

Having said all that, this has to be the funniest political ad so far. If Republicans were smart, they'd spread it around. But they aren't and so we'll get the usual crap from them. Nothing this good hearted and direct. With little but some well-chosen pictures and plain facts, and a great classic-rock song, you get an ad that gives you a smile and makes you proud. Which is completely unlike nearly every other ad out there.

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