Tuesday, March 30, 2004

She Said It!

Hillary Clinton is quoted by the New York Post's Cindy Adams as saying "It will be outside forces - something unforeseen that suddenly happens - that tilts the election one way or another."

On the surface, that's not much of a prediction. It happened in 1996 and 2000. Drunk driving charges, the Cole bombing, etc. Both sides have tons of opposition research lined up as well. That kind of sniping is a cheap shot, but it works.

But she words this vaguely enough that it can cover anything, letting her claim credit if anything from freak rainy weather or a terrorist attack is responsible.

I'd say that if a terrorist attack happens somewhere in America right before the election -- which I think is nearly a certainty this year and Heaven forfend it should -- I would immediately turn a cold, gimlet eye on that woman. But this is Hillary, so the media will rediscover this remark and call her a prophet.

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