Sunday, March 28, 2004

Tour Bus Boards Here

I've meant to do some blog-post linking, bringing attention to some fellow local bloggers and Rocky Top Brigade members. So, here we go:

* Firstly, I have been remiss in not asking Jon and Rachel if they have any interest in becoming members of the Rocky Top Brigade. I can't believe I've gone so long without asking! Please consider this a formal invitation. Emails to follow.

* Speaking of that illustrious pair, both have redesigned their sites. Spiffy!

* By the way, Rachel has a gratuitous cleavage shot posted. Heh heh, that oughta drive some traffic. And, by the way, nice cleavage!

* Speaking of redesigns, Mick over at fishkite has redone his front page. It has a dense, link-filled look now. More spiff! Not only that, but he's brushed up against big-league blogging fame! Seems that Don Luskin used some information that Mick has been researching for a Richard Clarke fisking Mick's going to post. Congrats and can't wait to see it.

* Our politics couldn't be farther apart. They scare me sometimes with their iron-willed, take no prisoners approach to Lefty-liberalism. Reading their blog, for me, is often like having wandered into a parallel universe, where things look like my world, but are very, very different. Nonetheless, LeanLeft has a great post on getting involved politically that anyone would do well to consider.

* New to the Rocky Top Brigade blogger No Quarters offers a post on putting cams on police guns that is something to consider.

* Mason of The Southern Reporter at one time considered being a district attorney. He offers some reasons why he changed his mind. I only wish he'd provided some numbers for us to look at.

* Terry of Possumblog had a link to three simple questions you should know that could save a life.

* And last, Rev. Donald Sensing looks at the story of a National Guardsman who found his job taken from him when he returned from Iraq. That alone is an outrage, but the company has also flouted the Federal government's orders to reinstate him! The Reverend is seeking names and stories of anyone else caught in similar evil treatment.

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