Monday, March 29, 2004

A Fascinating Experiment

I learned this evening that the Commercial Appeal is considering running a group blog -- open to a large pool of people -- for the Beale Street Music Festival. People can just log into a Commercial Appeal site and upload their posts on their experiences at the Festival. Can you imagine the possibilities?

It's only a proposal at this point, and there are a wealth of technical and content issues to be worked out, but it's out there. I would love to see this, to see how it works, especially if it's realtime or nearly so. And doubly so if they can work uploading digital images.

If you have ideas, or think you'd want to participate, you can contact Jon Sparks at the Commercial Appeal (here) or just leave a message in the comments below.

Is anyone aware of this being tried at other music events? Hat tip to Lesley for mentioning it.

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