Sunday, April 25, 2004

New Word for Today


Composed from "suspicious" and "specious." Something so empty and ridiculous on its face that suspicion is the only possible reaction. Directly links the reaction to the cause.

"The wino asked for a dollar for the bus. I was immediately suspecious."

For example: In the next few posts, I discuss the Promenade plan being put forth by the City and the Riverfront Development Corporation. I was reminded of an excellent Commercial Appealguest column by Larry Williamson some months ago about a 1987 plan that was superior to the present one.

When I went to the bookmarked link, though, I found a page with all the gewjaws and doodads you normally see on a CA page but where the text would be is nothing but white space! It's as though it was scrubbed clean. A use of the search tool for Mr. Williamson's name produced the same result.

In the context of today's discussion in the CA, I'm suspecious.

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