Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Once More Unto the Template

Been messing around all afternoon with RSS and templates and such. May do something tonight, may watch a movie. Dunno. Saw "Kill Bill, v.1" last night and enjoyed that. I caught a whole lot of the references and movie steals. The pacing of the "House of Blue Leaves" scenes was masterful -- set-up, big fight, breather, set-up, big fight, breather, set-up.... The final fight in the snow-covered courtyard was entrancing. The movie wasn't as bloody as I was expecting. The "fountains of blood" were obviously loving references to Hong Kong and samurai films, not so much Tarantino-esque "uber gore." Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown are still his best, but this is definitely #3. His fabled dialogue was clunkier to my ear this time, but had its moments. Learning about the influence of Lady Snowblood makes me want to find that movie. Hear that DVD Freaks and Black Lodge??

Anyway! Went to some RSS places and signed up, including Blogrolling for those of you who use it. I activated the Atom feed from Blogger. (Sorry to have been so long about it. I thought I had already. Stupid Blogspot.) I've never used ADD, excuse me RSS, before, preferring to visit the sites themselves. Enjoy the added functionality.

I'm a Flappy Fish in the Blogosphere Ecosystem! Number 1672. Closest blog I recognised was fellow RTBer HATamaran at #1648. I looked at the numbers and saw that I'm on a slow (rrreeeaaalll slow) but constant upward climb. Good.

Tacked on some more cute buttons. If you have a cute button, let me know. (Note: Because this is a Blogspot blog, you have to host the image and bandwidth. Sorry. One day I'm going to MT.) All that black space on the sides, once you get past the link-dense top of the blog, means pretty-colored buttons stand out. Be noticed! And a request for those with banners...make buttons! They have to fit into the space I have. Don't fit, don't get used.

Speaking of which, obligatory tipjar rattling. [cue sound: rattle, rattle] If you can afford to help keep Half-Bakered insulting all the good folks who work in Memphis' medialand, please consider donating something. Thanks!

I'm seriously considering some kind of advertising. Either self-done through PayPal, or signing up with BlogAds. Have you tried it? Is it worth it? Is it insulting for a little blog like me? Is it unseemly? Does it make me look cheap and grubby? Your thoughts requested. Down left there is an experimental idea.

The new banner above is an actual quote from a reader! Can't say who, but I was pleasantly surprised to know they read Half-Bakered. They had nice things to say, too, but I just love that part.

Is this blog beginning to get cluttered looking?

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