Sunday, April 25, 2004

Site Work & New Blogs

I did some more maintenance work on the template, updating and moving things. I've added something called "The Daily Rounds" on the left column. It's the list of sites and blogs I visit every day, or nearly so. If it's there, it's highly recommended! Right below that is "Linky-Linky," which will be for sites and blogs that have linked to Half-Bakered's stuff. It's recognition, thanks and reciprocity all in one. No guarantees on sites there, just making nice for folks.

Also, we have three new fools, er...people in the Rocky Top Brigade. Since he said it better than I would (and it's late), I'll just crib the post from Fearless Leader's own blog:

Spring is finally here and Tennessee blogs are sprouting like weeds. It's time for another Rocky Top Brigade membership update!

First up is Blake at the Nashville Files Blog. This is a companion blog to Blake's Nashville Files, a one-stop site for Nashville and state news.

Next is Candi, The Baseball Widow. Candi says she is "a woman who will always be second in her husband's heart... He follows the game, and I follow him." Len Cleavelin nominated The Baseball Widow, and confirms that she blogs out of Knoxville.

Finally, there's an oustanding new Knoxville political gossip site, Cas Walker's Coonhunter's Journal. Yes, you read that right. Cas is back from the beyond and dishing dirt better than ever on this slick new Moveable Type blog. You can submit anonymous libel and also sign up for The Watchdog newsletter. Although we welcome a link to the RTB, we will consider suspending the rule of requiring it for this blog because we don't want to get the whole Rocky Top Brigade subpoenaed.

So without further ado, please join me in welcoming these outstanding Tennessee blogs to the Rocky Top Brigade, as they join us in the fight for truth, justice, and a good single malt Scotch whiskey for around $20.

OK, then.
Welcome one and all to the fray!

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