Monday, April 26, 2004

Welcome to Monday

Hope you had a good weekend. I had a productive one for the blog. Lots below to enjoy.

I probably won't post much, if at all, today. As is becoming my Monday usual, lots of errands and chores and things to do. Plus, perfect weather predicted. Puzzling my way through papers and staring at monitors doesn't seem quite so appealing under those conditions....

Don't forget the Kerry Mockery page, which has new graphics, and the Carol Chumney Wallop Page, which I'm told has been seen by Those In A Position To Appreciate It. Links up to the left. And if you're in a position to, please consider donating to Half-Bakered to help keep it going. Tipjar's up to the left. Thanks.

Y'all be good and come back. Without you, I'm just some cranky, raving curmudgeon.

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