Monday, August 09, 2004

Brown Apologises, Finally...Sort of

City Council Chairman Joe Brown has finally apologised. The linked story has the full text of his statement. No copy is yet posted on the City's website. Most of the speech was concerned with elaborating (and sticking to) his earlier story about security concerns.

He singles out Councilwoman Carol Chumney in particular. That reflects the question of why she was personally involved and why the visit wasn't co-ordinated through the City's Office of Multicultural and Religious Affairs.

The bad news is that the Memphis Council for International Visitors is pressuring him with a list of demands now. Yeah, they're on the State Department's shit list right now, but it's not good form for them to act this way. Brown is at fault here, but they set the ball in motion with their mishandling of the delegation's arrival in the city.

It seems obvious from his speech and behavior that Brown was pressured to do this and isn't the least happy about it. I doubt Chumney will be getting any favors from him any time soon!

Speaking of Lady Liberty, WREG3 has a related story on Chumney's attitude and relations with her peers. Interesting reading!

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