Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New Blog

I just wanted to pass along -- and give some bloggers I respect a shoutout -- a new pro-Bush blog: http://www.tn4w.com/. It's a collaborative work between Bill Hobbs of Hobbs Online, Nathan Moore of Moore Thoughts and Matt White from South End Grounds.

Their mission:
TN4W is dedicated to keeping Tennessee Bush Country and making sure our 11 electoral votes go for the President. We will achieve this by:

-Keeping W supporters informed of news and issues surrounding the campaign. We will assemble daily clips from local media dealing with the campaign and national stories affecting Tennessee.

-Informing W supporters about campaign events and activities in their communities and encouraging them to get involved.

-Giving W supporters a forum to sound off on why they are voting for the President and what they are doing to keep Tennessee Bush Country.

-Recognizing W supporters for their outstanding work on behalf of the President.

-Posting guest columns that will reinforce the importance of Keeping Tennessee Bush Country.
As I told Matt, they start off on my daily reading list. Best of luck, guys.

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