Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cool Pic of the Day

Ever wonder what Mars really looks like? Now you know.

(Friday Update: Ummm...this post is notably lacking in context, isn't it? Most color pictures you see from NASA/JPL from Mars have been color-corrected because one of the three cameras used to create color images is shifted farther to the infrared than the human eye. It makes uncorrected images look funny (kinda dark and bluey). However, when NASA types color-correct they operate from the assumption that Mars has a butterscotch sky. Other colors are mixed to match. Clearly, Mars has a blue sky, as numerous Hubble Space Telescope and amateur photos have shown. Only NASA clings to their strange view. That's why rocks and soil in their pictures always look so odd.

The pic I linked to is what Mars would look like if you or I were standing on Mars on a bright, sunny day. True colors. I've seen other pics where you can see clouds in the sky. Thin and high, but clouds! Mars has water. Now, today.

Yes, I'm a science geek.)

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