Thursday, August 12, 2004


Quick. Go read Tom Walter's Commercial Appeal article about Marilyn Loeffel's new radio show on "Family Values Radio," AM990. See if you notice what's wrong. Read the whole thing. I'll wait....

(We built this city... We built this city on roooock and roooooolllllll --) Oh, back already?

What did you see? No, it wasn't all the anti-Christian snarkiness. Inserting those kinds of political opinions into unrelated stories is par for the course at the Commercial Appeal. Heck, you should read Frederic Koeppel's "Book Notes" column on Sundays. Whew!

In a story about a new radio program coming to the air, did you anywhere see where he told you what time it was scheduled? Nor did I. I guess he doesn't want you to know.

Or maybe it's just more snarkiness.

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