Thursday, August 12, 2004

A Camo Theme

One thing you don't really see in the local media is stories from the soldier in Iraq. What little you do see is all about the emotion of parted or reuniting families.

So, I've decided to open up this blog to active or returning soldiers who are serving overseas (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) to share whatever stories about their experiences there they would like to. I'd like to get stories about the fighting, of course, but also about day-to-day life for a soldier from the Mid-South. Stories about interactions with the locals. Impressions of the places and peoples. Funny or sad events. Whatever. Just give readers of Half-Bakered the unfiltered, direct, no-bs experience. Tell them what's really going on.

Try to keep your stuff to between 500 and 1500 words, please. Keep the language clean. I won't edit or alter anything, but if you'd like me to check your story for punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. I'd be glad to. Just say so.

Pass along the word to family or friends in the military from the Mid-South. Happy, sad, joyous, troubling, hopeful or worried. Whatever. Just tell us like it is.

You can send it to the addy up on the top left. Start writing, soldier!

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