Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Through the Glass, Murkily

There's a reason that the building at 495 Union Ave. has a wall of mirrored glass across the front. The folks at the Commercial Appeal like to look out over the city, but are strangely resistant to folks looking in. As I've noted before, the CA would never accept the kind of closed view from the folks they cover (except FedEx) that they expect Memphis to accept from them.

There have been more changes at the paper lately. The concise and amusing Blake Fontenay is no longer covering City government; he's been promoted to editorial writing. I'm sorry for this, as he has a knack for compactly reporting events and stories. And genuine nice guy Jon Sparks no longer does C.A. Eye. He's being promoted laterally to one of the new suburban sub-sections. At least he can now write more than three or four short paragraphs at a time! Good bye and good luck to both.

Of course, that's just the stuff I've caught. I'm sure there are more and I welcome alert readers passing the word in comments.

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