Monday, March 07, 2005

Inside Jokes

A couple of my favorite programs are showing signs of "inside jokes" planted for attentive viewers.

Take tonight's 24. Jack Bauer tracks a terrorist lead to a defense contractor company called McLennan/Forrester. Is someone on the show's writing staff a Go-Betweens fan?

Then there's last week's episode of Lost, which told the story of Hurley, the rotund, unassuming guy with the enormous shock of frizzy red hair. We learn he used a series of "cursed" numbers to win a gigantic lottery prize. The winning Powerball multiplier number? 42. Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans rejoiced at that one.

There are even cross-series jokes. One of the characters on Lost is a musician whose band, Driveshaft, had one big hit: "You All Everybody." On an episode of Alias, produced by the same team, you could hear that song being played in the background of a party.

Any others?

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