Saturday, March 12, 2005

The View From the Secure Seats

President Bush did his Social Security Tour stop in Memphis on Friday morning. Lots of the usual media coverage, but you can get an up close and personal view from Mick over at Fishkite. He even has photographic proof! He and Bush, although separated by about twenty feet or so. It's a great write-up that's well worth your time.

Mick has been blogging a lot lately. I'm sorry not to have tossed up a pointer / reminder sooner. He's just redesigned things and the blog looks good. It's "the Blog between Church and State," though until recently it was "Grafitti on the Wall Separating Church and State." Either way, good descriptions of Mick's point of view. He's been on my daily reading list for quite a while now. Based on talking with him at previous blogger bashes, a nice young man, too; calm and thoughtful and considerate.

So go, already. Read!

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