Tuesday, June 28, 2005

All Pimp, No Pop

I am really getting sick of the local media (All the television news stations, anyway. I think the CA's ignored this to date.) acting as pimps for Calvin Williams and his book. In earlier reports, it looked as though no reporter was actually allowed to touch the three-ring binder that was the book-in-process. Lately, they've been shown thumbing through pages (anyone got Hi-Def television TIVO?) or holding up an individual page, but truthfully, I have to wonder if any reporter has actually been able to scrutinise any of the pages. Has anyone actually seen for themselves the allegations?

Where are the galleys for the book, the ready-for-the-printing-press manuscript that publishers send to authors for final checks and revisions? It's only a few months until publication and even a vanity press (ie. we'll print your book for a fee) like Williams is using has some kind of equivalent.

Have any reporters actually read the book, even if they're embargoed? I'm not asking for juicy tidbits (although feel free to share if you know), but if the book really delivers. I have a feeling it's a lot (a whole lot) of sizzle for what will be an underdone beef patty.

I think Williams is working an angle, just as former Shelby County Mayor Jim Rout's aide Tom Jones did. Remember, Jones threatened to write a tell-all book unless he was saved from his prison term. It was a pure threat, but it failed. Or mostly failed. He only served six months and then got a job with Coletta and Company, who regularly work with City and County government. Nice punishment, yes?

Anyway, I'll believe Williams' book when a hard copy rests in my hands.

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