Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More of the Hill

My previous post on 'King of the Hill' got picked up in more than a few places, thank you. If you haven't read it, the other blogs linked there have more to say and so do their commenters. In short, the author of the original NYT magazine article, Matt Bai, gets well worked over for cluelessness.

Another blogger came late to the party, but he has some very cogent observations. Matthew Sheffield writes:
All of this matters because the much-discussed “gender gap” is actually more of a Democratic “man problem” than it is a Republican “woman problem.” And no Democrat of stature seems willing or able to do anything about it. Bill Clinton often talked like a regular guy but was, in the end more Lothario than Hank Hill. What wisdom Clinton did possess on this account, however, has seemed not to have filtered downward.

The fact that he founded the Democratic Leadership Council, a group which seeks to move the party more toward the center, shows Clinton is aware of the problem—called the party’s “wuss factor” by one Democratic strategist—but the fact that he has not returned there seems to suggest his motivations were more about boosting his own fortunes rather than putting his stamp on the party as Ronald Reagan did with the Republicans.
He also looks at how the Demcorats' harping on the Gitmo prisoners is backfiring in the worst way for them.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford (Where do I know that name?) of The Jawa Report weighs in, pointing out: "Dale Gribble is not a libertarian. Dale Gribble is a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat and on his more lucid days he might be a Pat Buchanan Republican."

I could have sworn I heard Dale mention the Libs somewhere, but I might be wrong.

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