Monday, June 27, 2005

Garage Sale

Oh, what the hell. It's too hot and muggy to leave stuff sitting on a table in the sun all day waiting to sell. I'm cleaning out some items I don't need. If you live in Memphis and can come pick them up, they're yours!

    Haier window A/C unit. 5000 BTUs. One year old, taken care of and in excellent shape. Needs new accordion folds, but you can get some cheap at Home Depot. $75.

    ADC Soundshaper 90 stereo equaliser. Ten band EQ with graphic display. Works perfectly. Includes manual. $35.

    Microwave or TV stand. Real wood furniture. Tan wood with turned legs. Can hold at least a 21 inch TV; 16x25" top and 30" high. Has enclosed shelf that can hold VCR, etc., or pantry items. Very nice. $20.

    Stereo receiver. Silver finish. Hitachi SR-1900; 4 channel. 35 watts per channel; 140 total. Phono input and tape in/tape out. AM/FM dial is loose and slightly off, so it doesn't work with stations at far ends of dial. Otherwise, great for garage, hobby room, etc. Loud. $20.

First come, first served. Email Half-Bakered.

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