Sunday, June 26, 2005

Understated Puzzlement

The day after the big Kelo ruling from the Supreme Court, one that is shaking the political and civic sphere, promising reverberations and political repercussions for years if not decades to come, and the Commercial Appeal's big headline?

Private-property advocates scowl

Uhhh... yeah. We're all out here scowling, with our arms crossed over our chests and lips pursed in peeve.

"Private-property advocates?" What other kinds are there, other than a few Socialists and Communists? What's with that hypen? Picture the kind of mindset that thinks this way and you see why the CA are such suck-ups to the downtown cabal.

Who writes these things? Trainee journalists learning how to drain impact from the big stories? High school interns? C'mon, fess up. Someone from the Death Star let us know.

So we can pop you on the nose with a rolled up paper. Bad dog!

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