Monday, June 27, 2005

Raging RINOs

Say Uncle is hosting RINO Sightings, a sort of Carnival of Secular Republicans. They wish the Republican party wasn't "busy with important things like keeping gay marriage outlawed, banning desecration of the flag, and putting up monuments to the 10 Commandments." Many, many, many links to lots of great posts.

I'm sympathetic, as regular Half-Bakered readers might guess. I do wish the Republicans would return to their core values of strong defense, smaller government, greater freedom and lower taxes. It's what got them to the dance, but they seem to have ditched their date to spike the punch bowl, raid the buffet and feel up the sorority girls. If they don't straighten up really quick, they're in for a smackdown in '06.

Too bad Reform crashed and burned. The time is so ripe for them right now.

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