Thursday, June 30, 2005

Over to You, Democrats

Via Adam Groves comes word that the Tennessee State Republican Party Chair has now asked Represenative Chris Newton, the only Republican indicted (so far) in the Tennessee Waltz, to resign. This on top of a call from Newton's own Hamilton County Republican Party as well.

It was slow, yes, but it happened. Good for them.

Now, where are the calls from the Tennessee Democratic Party and the Shelby County Democratic Party for Kathryn Bowers to resign? John Ford has already resigned, mostly under the crushing weight of the allegations against him, and ahead of a push by State Senator Ron Ramsey to bring ethics charges against him. Shelby County Mayor AC Wharton got Roscoe Dixon's resignation before the sun even set on TW Day. East Tennessee's Ward Crutchfield has resigned his chairmanships, but is hanging tough otherwise, like Bowers.

The Republicans stepped up to the plate. Where are the Democrats?

FRIDAY UPDATE Representative Chris Clem has introduced Resolution 187 asking the House to expel Newton.

Also, the Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, Bob Tuke, explicitly refused to ask either Bowers or Crutchfield to resign, when he appeared on the Steve Gill show in Nashville yesterday, even though the party has "zero tolerance for corruption." Go to Bill Hobbs and just start scrolling.

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