Thursday, October 10, 2002

Cohen Rising

Tuesday's Commercial Appeal ran a story detailing State Senator Steve Cohen's long fight for a state lottery. It's a pro-Cohen story that leaves a few things out of the picture and smudges some others.

For instance, the CA writes:
Although voters barely passed the initial referendum, Georgia's lottery
has become one of the nation's most successful - with $2.2 billion in
sales last year, ranking sixth out of 39 U.S. lotteries.
Which sounds swell, but misleads. There's no guarantee at all that Tennessee's lottery will see anything like that success. Odds are, in fact, against it. We'll be Johnny-come-latelys. And while sales may be $2.2 billion, the State's take is much, much smaller -- only hundreds of millions.

The story is pitched as "the little guy who could" to give the reader sympathy with Cohen and his struggle. It's very David and Goliath. It nowhere mentions the financial ties that have been intimated between Cohen and the gambling interests seeking to run out lottery.

The story closes with this eye-opener:
"I would benefit in that when I go to California or Florida or Hawaii and
retire, I can know my life had purpose," he said. "Then I can spend my
time exercising, eating well and watching sports."
Where's the money for that coming from, I wonder?

I've had a several posts on the lottery and Cohen already, here, here (with many links) and here. 'Nuff said.

Until next time.

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