Thursday, October 10, 2002

Hand Off My Council Seat!

This story, from Monday's Commercial Appeal, pretty much speaks for itself. City of Memphis Director of Public Services Donnie Mitchell has leaked that he might decide to run for the City Council seat currently being held by Council Chairman Rickey Peete. Here, according to the CA, is what Peete has to say:
"It is strange, odd and petty for the current director of public services
for the city, who reports to the mayor and whose budget is set by the
City Council, to threaten to run against the chairman of the City
Council,'' Peete said.

"The basis of the threat is the council's aggressive approach to code
enforcement and cleaning up the community, which obviously conflicts
with some of the goals of Mr. Mitchell."

"This is a democratic society and everyone has a right to pursue public
office,'' Peete said. "I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not
intimidated by Mr. Mitchell or anyone else. My response is: 'Bring it on.'
World Wrestling Entertainment has expressed interest in carrying the bout.

Peete, you may recall, is the former councilman who was convicted of (and served time for) taking bribes while in office. He ran for his seat after his release and is back, though one presumes he no longer takes bribes.

Only in Memphis.

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