Thursday, October 10, 2002

Press Release Journalism

Today's Commercial Appeal runs this story titled "Hilleary takes too much credit for Hooks institute, foes say." It takes some observant reading to see that a Democratic press release is being pumped, by the CA, into a "news" story.

The "foes" as it turns out, are the state Democratic Party! They found something in last week's gubernatorial debate in Memphis that they've pounced on and the CA is helping to fan the flames. The CA writes:
A few days after the debate, Hilleary said in an interview that he "led the charge" for institute funds among House Republicans....
Asked about the claim, Ford, who spearheaded the effort, said he didn't remember that Hilleary played a pivotal role in getting the funds.
Notice the change between "led the charge" among Republicans and playing a "pivotal role." Not quite the same thing.

Also, notice that the CA goes to Harold Ford, Jr., a Democrat and partisan, and not to anyone connected to the Hooks Institute, who might have a different view of the situation. And the whole thing is just a lot of hooey fanned from the spark of a press release. What a waste.

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