Sunday, October 06, 2002

URL Round-Up

* The Tennessean has a hilarious article, though unintentionally so, about the shadow of Don Sundquist in the current governor's race. They are still deeply invested in the whole idea of Sundquist as the tragic, fallen hero of the Income Tax War and watching them wrap their minds around his actual fate is entertaining in the least. (My thanks to GailA of FreeRepublic for bringing this to my attention.)

* Teddy Bart's Roundtable is a two hour, five-days-a-week morning show of political and social issues from Nashville. Many stations carry it around the State, sadly none in Memphis (unless its buried on cable access?). That needs to change. Their website is woefully out of date, though. Bill Hobbs is an occasional guest, too.

* Most folks don't know about it, but there's a part of the Internet called Usenet. It's the "bulletin board" or discussion groups area. Most browsers already have built-in functionality for it, usually part of the mail-reader function. You can find topics for almost everything under the sun on Usenet, and discussion groups for nearly every part of the world. The newsgroup tn.general has discussion of all sorts, including politics. [Clicking that link should launch your newsreader program. If that link didn't work, try going to Google and click on the "Groups" link at the top. Type "Tennessee" into the search box and look over the newsgroups results. Be warned, though, that Usenet is largely unmoderated, meaning rough language and harsh, often insulting, talk are common and unavoidable.]

One of the regulars there posted the following story from the Knoxville Metropulse. It's from August and about the "loss" of revenue to border states since the sales tax increase. The errors and false assumptions are numerous. See how many you can spot!

* The New York Times had an interesting review of the book The Great Tax Wars by Steven R. Weisman. Worth the few minutes it'll take to read.

* The weblog "How Appealing"/Appellateblog has a short post about a jury nullification amendment in South Dakota. It has links to other articles. Very few jurors understand the power they have, and judges and lawyers work hard to keep it that way.

* The folks at mydd Politics are tracking the National Congressional and Governor's races almost obsessively, like the weirdest baseball box-score fan you've ever met. Their leaning are Democratic, though. It's worth checking from time to time.

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