Thursday, October 10, 2002

Hobbs On The Job

I was going to look at the CA's coverage of the State Supreme Court's overturning of the Basic Education Plan's formula for setting teacher pay, which is here and here. But Bill Hobbs is on the job, as usual, and doing better than I could. He works from the fundamentally similar coverage of the Tennessean. Hobbs is his usual clear and concise self; go read.

The CA also takes Donelson's "$400 to $500 million" figure without scrutiny, and without identifying Donelson as a pro-IT activist. The CA immediately, in the first story, goes to adding more money to the budget as the solution. I can already see newspaper hacks salivating to be on the questioner's panel for the next gubernatorial debate, can't you?

And, as Hobbs also notes, this sounds like the perfect set-up for a power grab by the Tennessee Education Association, to remove local control of schools and set up a bureaucracy in Nashville. Not looking good at all.

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