Thursday, October 10, 2002

Yo! Wuzzup My Republican Homey?

A Republican group has finally started to get it. The Council for a Better Governement is running ads in many states on urban stations, to try to make outreach to blacks. 'Bout time! According to the Commercial Appeal, through this Associated Press story, here's what some students have said:
"It does make a difference. Some of the things they say are positive. It
changes your opinions a little," said Chaffa Key, 19.

But Marcus Brand, 20, said the campaign hasn't changed his thinking.

"I vote Democrat because Democrats seem to go for the minorities, and
Republicans seem to for the higher classes and the rich," he said.
You know what they say: if you want the money you've got to hang out with those who have it.

Predictably, here's the Democratic response:
The head of the Arkansas Democratic Party labeled the advertising

"Instead of doing things to help the African-American community, they
design advertisements that are downright disgusting and play them on
African-American radio," Michael Cook said.
Yup. Making the Benjamins is real disgusting, homey. There are real signs of some fundamental cracks in the monolithic black vote and this only shows it. Changes are happening, albeit slowly and often subterraineally.

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