Thursday, October 10, 2002

The North Shelby Times

The latest NST has a doozy of an editorial, by Editor Frank Holland, titled "Van Hilleary, For What?" It's a weird blend of fed-up bluster and newspaper-speak. Well worth a read. Here's an excerpt:
He has a recently released ad on TV calling Bredesunquist or some other nutty way to connect Sundquist and Bredesen. I think this will backfire. We still have the independent voters who would have benefited [sp?] from Sundquist tax reform, along with a lot of republicans [sp] who think Sundquist has proven himself to be a statesman instead of just a run of the mill politician with a loud mouth and a pea sized brian, like Van Hilleary.
It's short, but funny. [Note: viewing requires the Adobe Acrobat reader because, once again, idiots have designed the newspaper website. But that's another rant.]

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