Monday, January 20, 2003

And To Think He Once Was President

Former President Bill Clinton spoke to NYU Law school students last week. His comments, as reported by The Villager, are surprising:
Former President Bill Clinton called on an audience of students to prepare for a future when America will no longer be "the biggest dog on the street" at the keynote address Tuesday of a New York University forum on globalization.

The current globalized world is not sustainable economically, politically or from a security vantage point, Clinton said at the second annual conference co-sponsored by New York University and the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation. Clinton spoke to an audience of about 450 students and guests.

"On Sept. 11, 2001, members of Al Quaeda used the forces of globalization - open borders, easy immigration, easy travel, easy access to information technology - to kill 3,100 people from 70 countries in three cities in the U.S.," Clinton said.
It only gets better from there. He actually proposes to "tag" people so we can track their movements, claiming it's better than tracking the shopping and credit card use information.

Just think: If Hillary actually gets her wish and wins as the Democratic candidate for President in 2008, he'll be back in the White House, promoting this lunacy all over again.

The current level of health, technology and lifestyle in the West in "unsustainable," so Clinton's solution is to reduce us? Of course, he still subscribes to the same philosophy that says that we can't sustain the world's population with the farming techniques and crops of thirty years ago (we improved on them), nor do we have the oil reserves (we found more; and more remain to be found), and that quality of life would deteriorate (look around you). Yes, Bill, you were right about so many things. We all respect you, sure we do. Now, will you go away? Please?

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