Thursday, January 23, 2003

Uh Oh

Next time some anti-globalist, environmentalist whacko tries to make you feel guilty for living in America, just ask them if they use a cellphone, microwave, alarm clock, stereo or VCR, or digital anything. Ask if they drive any vehicle made since the late Eighties. Ask if they use a computer.

When they say yes, slam them with this, from the Japan Times. Then see just how serious they are about their environmentalism.
So what are the environmental impacts of producing and using a 32-megabyte DRAM computer chip that weighs a mere 2 grams? The UNU team found that to make every one of the millions manufactured each year requires 32 kg of water, 1.6 kg of fossil fuels, 700 grams of elemental gases (mainly nitrogen), and 72 grams of chemicals (hundreds are used, including lethal arsine gas and corrosive hydrogen fluoride).

To make matters worse, Williams believes his findings are conservative. "We think the real numbers may be twice that," he said, adding that rapid advances in technology aggravate the problem.
Put up or shut up, d00d. (This story was originally found on Slashdot.)

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