Monday, January 20, 2003

Read For Yourself

The recent three-judge panel that over-ruled Judge Haynes' ruling to re-instate all TennCare enrollees who had been cut in the reverification process has published their ruling. But finding it online was a problem.

I tried the obvious: the website for the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and came up with nothing. Their site is surprising bare.

Further searching led me to the Tennessee Justice Center, home of Gerald Bonnyman and the very folks who've been bird-dogging every effort at reforming or reining in the out-of-control TennCare.

Click on "English" and then "Current Cases." Then scroll down to "Rosen case" and click the "Rosen decision January 13th, 2003" link. That'll take you to a faxed and scanned PDF version of the ruling. I've not read it yet, but I'm posting it here for any of you who would like to.

And then tour the TJC website just to get an idea of the folks who, in the name of "Justice," want to empty your pocket books with endless lawsuits all aimed at fatiguing our State government into capitulating to their dream of a Socialist welfare state. Never knew malignancy could look so earnest and good, did you?

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