Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Read Before Clicking

As war approaches in Iraq, it's important to remember just what war is and what it does to people. In his photo-essay, The Unseen War, photojournalist Peter Turnley starkly and frankly shows that effect. Photos such as these, from the 1991 Persian Gulf War, were what helped to turn the tide of public perception back during Vietnam. Journalists still pride themselves on that.

Today, however, the major media routinely edit what they show us, afraid not of offending us but of stirring us up. Masses aroused can be dangerous things. The major media prefer to do the slow boil, to lead us to the effect they hope for. Look at 9/11, where the horrifying images of the first hours, which they showed live and unedited, began to disappear or get modified as the media figured out "what the story was."

Do not click this link if graphic pictures of violent death, or the shell-shock of the survivors, disturbs you. But if you can handle it, you need to see these reminders.

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