Monday, January 20, 2003

A Surfeit of Talk

Rather more quietly than expected for such a big change, last week WREC Radio overhauled its own line-up and took over another station's programming as well.

KWAM was a black gospel station, but is now AM990, the "talk" station to WREC's "news" format. I don't understand the difference either, after looking at both new schedules, but there you are.

Biggest changes at WREC: bringing back Dr. Laura, moving Rush back an hour to carry him live, and following him with Sean Hannity! Mike Fleming's been cut an hour, but that's fine by me; he's god-awful anyway. The Phil Valentine show has gone, too, and will be much missed here in the Western Grand Division. He's a great broadcaster with a great show; you Nashvillians are lucky to have him.

But the good news? KWAM now carries Neal Boortz and Michael Savage! Boortz is an Atlanta libertarian with an entertaining, take-no-prisoners style. And Savage is, well, Savage. He's sort-of what Mike Fleming's "Napalm in your coffee" wishes it could be. Both are well worth checking out. Unfortunately, Boortz is carried directly opposite Rush and Savage is evening prime-time. Ah well, make your choices.

One more note: Jim Montgomery's "Computer Connection" is now two hours! He starts at noon on Saturday. Good going, Jim.

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