Thursday, January 23, 2003


Terry Oglesby is a father, architect, church-goer, blogger and director of the famous Axis of Weevil. He's also the author of Possumblog, viewing life from the marsupial angle in Alabama. A couple of weeks ago, he posted a brilliant satire of the "no war with Iraq" mentality. In it, he transposes that mindset to the American Civil War, with devastating results. Here's an excerpt:
Once again the world now waits with fear and trepidation regarding the threat of a US attack on the Confederacy. The President provides as justification for this impending attack the Southern states’ refusal to stay in the Union, the alleged Confederate threat to its neighbors and the Confederate government's mistreatment of its slaves.

The American people are being called upon to send their young sons to go and kill other young American sons. This war, like all wars, will be brutal and will leave many American families mourning the loss of their children.

We're not allowed to publicly question the Lincoln Administration for fear of being called unpatriotic. Aren't we entitled to really know why we're being urged to go to war? Aren't we entitled to be confident that the Administration is telling the truth?
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